Heleen Kist: IN SERVITUDE covered

In Servitude cover design

This is a bit of a different approach to cover design that I usually apply. Which is the main reason I’m writing about it. You often get into your own niche and stick to it since it’s easy, convenient and not a bad way to pay the bills. Yet… if you want to grow, you need to adapt, mutate and collaborate.

Case in point. Heleen came to me and requested a cover that would fit comfortably in the bestseller markets. She had done her homework, and had specific ideas about the cover. Which is wonderful to hear (I mean, as long as they’re GOOD ideas. Hers were).

I often come across writers who have no idea they want, yet like nothing. Authors who know what they want, but only when they see it. And then never see it… which can drive a designer batty. So when an author actually thinks about what they want before they approach me, studies a variety of publishers and authors who have published similar books, and then applies all that to an informed opinion and a grounded desire, this makes my job both easier, and creatively challenging (in a GOOD way). I am to put on a different set of boots, modify my work methods and collaborate. Which is how you learn. And have fun.

I often say you must have no ego in this business, and that’s true. But a cover designer can guide, suggest and through collaboration make wonderful creations where both the author and the artist can grow and learn from each other. And, when the collaboration is good, sell some books on the side.

Now go buy Heleen’s book on amazon.


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