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Old Curiosity Shop

Some rare items for sale:

John D. MacDonald: HURRICANE (Hale, UK, 1957) $400
First hardcover printing - extremely rare with dust jacket.
The dust jacket has seen better days, but besides some tears at the edges it’s quite clean and sharp. The book itself only has some slight yellowing, otherwise quite excellent. It appears never to have been read, and the binding is taut and pages have no creases. I can provide detailed photos of this item, which I’ve never seen available with the dust jacket in any condition. Retail price in this condition would be $450 - $700.

Jim Thompson: SOUTH OF HEAVEN (Gold Medal, 1967) $30
Small creases, barely noticeable smudges. Nice, tight copy.

Dorothy B. Hughes: IN A LONELY PLACE (Pocket Books, 1949 - first paperback printing) $10
Small scuffs, a small tear on front cover, a pencilled price on the inside and a stamped (but hard to see/notice) name inside cover.

LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD DVD (Alain Resnais, Alain Robbe-Grillet, 1962) Fox Lorber US DVD. $70
More details available if interested. Watched once, bought new, fine condition. Available occasionally for $100 on amazon marketplace in middling condition.

THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE AND HER LOVER (Peter Greenaway, 1990) Anchor Bay DVD, 2001 $60
A few small bends and scuffs on the insert, otherwise fine. Watched once. Usually available for $80 in similar condition.

email if interested. Inquire about Harry Stephen Keeler.