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MADE IN MIAMI by Charles Willeford

made in miami

“[Made in Miami] is a tawdry, compelling read.”
Mike White, Cashiers du Cinemart

“MADE IN MIAMI is a great discovery, bristling with Willeford prose throughout, and shows the writer that he’d become … if you’ve never tried any of his stuff, this is a great starting point in a career that just got better with age. (full review)
Bruce Grossman, Bookgasm

“It’s just fine as a historical document, and the quirky characters, the downward spiral, and the wry Willeford observations make this one worth reprinting and reading. Check it out.” (full review)
Bill Crider

“…a valuable contribution to the body of Willeford’s in-print work and shows that even when Willeford was not mining his signature themes of obsession and maintaining artistic integrity in the face of an indifferent world as deeply as he could, he still managed to keep them in mind and in print.” (full review)
Nathan Cain, Independent Crime

Art student Ralph Tone is working in Miami as a bellboy. He meets Hollywood hopeful Maria Duigan and falls head over heels for the ambitious beauty. As Ralph fuels his obsession by booze, pills, and lack of sleep, they both quickly become entangled with sleazy pornographer Donald McKay.

Charles Willeford’s MADE IN MIAMI was originally released to the unsuspecting masses in 1958 under the title LUST IS A WOMAN by a publisher incapable of spelling the author’s name correctly on the cover. Written in white heat by “the unlikely father of Miami crime fiction” (Atlantic Monthly) to match the requirements of the market, the book remains a textbook example of lurid 1950s pulp fiction. It was also a springboard to the author’s later masterpieces MIAMI BLUES and SIDESWIPE.

This edition is the first reprinting of the original novel.

“No one writes a better crime novel than Charles Willeford.” Elmore Leonard


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