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Of All the Bloody Cheek

“The other day I thought it was time to re-read Frank McAuliffe’s Of all the Bloody Cheek. When I read it the first time, something like forty years ago, I knew I’d never read anything quite like it. All these years later, I still haven’t, except for the sequels: Rather a Vicious Gentleman and For Murder I Charge More. The books aren’t exactly novels, more like collections of novellas, but the novellas in each volume are interconnected, and in fact the novellas in all three volumes are interconnected in a marvel of plotting seldom, if ever, equalled. The stories are very funny, thanks the the narrative voice of Augustus Mandrell, killer for hire, and I’ve been recommending this series for a long, long time … Buy them all as soon as you get a chance. You won’t regret it.” BILL CRIDER

“I’ve just finished the first volume, Of All the Bloody Cheek, and I’m here to tell you McAuliffe must be one of the slyest, hippest, funniest, sharpest most satirically minded writers who has ever written crime fiction. He offers the reader thrills, surprise endings, laugh-out-loud jokes, and a memorable protagonist. Mandrell may remind you of the Saint or of James Bond, but he’s deadpan funnier than both without being at all groaningly spoofy. And he’ s not all thrills and laughs, either… The stories are set in Europe on the fringes of World War II, and a sharp vein of political and social satire runs through them. The satire is occasionally ahead of its time.” DETECTIVES BEYOND BORDERS

Augustus Mandrell: No birth certificate … no passport … no identification … no fixed address … in fact, he is not officially alive. Which is fortunate, because neither does he have a license to kill. But he does, and supremely well. Not to mention often.

Who is Mandrell? British C.I.D. American OSS, the Surete, Interpol and many other agencies would dearly want to know. But they never will. Why? Because Mandrell is a man unlike any other - a throwback, an individualist, a smooth killer who admires beauty in all things (girls, jewels, money … rugs) yet whose final objective is the ultimate in violence; a man to whom impossible challenge is meat and drink, the thrill of a manhunt is his life’s blood, the final savagery merely a necessary part of the murderous courtship that leads up to it.

Mandrell kills for profit. You’ll love him for it.

Frank McAuliffe

FRANK McAULIFFE (1926-1986) is the author of five previously published books. Of All The Bloody Cheek, Rather A Vicious Gentleman, For Murder I Charge More (the first three in the Augustus Mandrell series), Hot Town, and The Bag Man. Prompted by rumors of an unpublished fourth Mandrell novel, acclaimed mystery writers, Walter Satterthwait and Bill Crider contacted the author’s wife, Rita. (Incidently, her birth date, February 13th, is the one Augustus Mandrell perpetually refers to as “…that birth date, historically, of beautiful women…”) Through an uncanny chain of fortuitous events the manuscript was found, and will be published by PointBlank.

Frank McAuliffe was born the eldest of eight children to Irish immigrants, Con and Margaret McAuliffe in New York City, New York. He married Rita Gibbons and they had seven children together (Meg, Liz, Mark, Mary, Kate, Barbara, and Luke). After moving to Ventura, California, McAuliffe worked as a technical writer for the Navy, but spent most of his spare time writing fiction. In 1972 Frank McAuliffe was awarded the Edgar Allan Poe Award for his novel, For Murder I Charge More. Upon accepting the award for The Best Paperback Mystery of the Year, McAuliffe responded, “Ladies and Gentlemen, you have impeccably good taste.”

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    I am interested in purchasing the Augustus Mandrell series by Frank McAuliffe. I understand that there are four commissions. Kindly contact me with the titles and prices you have available for sale. Thank you.