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PAYBACK by Russell James


It’s been 10 years since ex-boxer Floyd Carter has been in England. But when he returns from Germany for the funeral of his older brother, Albie, Floyd winds up having a lot more to deal with than cremation arrangements and hard questions about what to do with addlepated younger brother, Ludo. Albie, it seems, was up to his neck in trouble with drug dealers–about 10,000 pounds’ worth–and thugs start hounding Floyd and Ludo for the dough. Floyd doesn’t want the involvement, but he soon realizes that if he wants to stay alive, he must quickly determine which circles Albie traveled in and who knew what and why about Albie’s death. Floyd’s cruise into the depressing gray side of working-class London leads him to crack cocaine and heroin, rival gangs, and one violent encounter after another (where his boxing training and tough hide serve him well). James’ writing is in the best hard-boiled tradition, and his evocation of the seamier side of British life is subtly realistic and without sensationalism. Martin Brady, Booklist

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  1. Greg Rhodes Says:

    What awesome news that Payback is back in print! Kudos!