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DVD SAVANT by Glenn Erickson


Glenn Erickson, the DVD SAVANT, has been the topmost fountain of inside information with his regular column for years. His experience on the crews of blockbuster movies like CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND and his restoration work on film classics like KISS ME DEADLY fills these pages with a rare combination of wit, insight and insider understanding of the movie business.

DVD SAVANT: A Review Resource Book is an essential companion to the movie store, guiding you through the maze of current and classic films available on DVD

Joe Dante, director of Gremlins, Matinee and The Howling: “For those of us who’ve been greedily devouring Glenn Erickson’s DVD SAVANT reviews on the internet (or even those who haven’t) this is a real treat—a collection of his clever, insightful and most importantly well informed write-ups on a wide variety of genre titles available on disc. Watch your bills soar!”

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