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SQUEEZE PLAY by James McKimmey

introduction by Jason Starr

Trade paperback ISBN: 1-93099-760-4 $15.95

Grief-stricken by the loss of their young son, Jack Wade and his wife Binny look for solace where they can. Other partners, work, liquor…and the casinos of beautiful Lake Tahoe….

“And he was certain, because he could feel it in the pit of his stomach, that they were going to make it. Not a million bucks. Leave that to the fiction writers. But a cool one hundred G’s, maybe. That was the kind of money it took the average guy ten to twenty years of hard labor to earn. They could get it in hours.”

It was the perfect con. An inside job, carefully planned. Pick a target and roll the dice.

What could go wrong?

Jack and Binny are about to find out.

SQUEEZE PLAY is a classic noir thriller by one of the hidden masters of the genre.

“I’ve been reading—and rereading—Jim McKimmey for forty years and he has never once disappointed me. It’s a pleasure to see his unique brand of noir crime fiction reissued for the enjoyment of modern readers. SQUEEZE PLAY is swift-paced, neatly plotted, crackling with tension, and peopled with well-drawn, wholly believable characters. Three of those elements make a good suspense novel; all make a four-star treat.” BILL PRONZINI

from the introduction by Jason Starr:

“…what sets Squeeze Play apart from many pulp novels of its era is its astounding depth … McKimmey accomplishes what few writers can – he thrills us and writes well … Squeeze Play is not only a great crime novel, it’s a great novel, period.”

James McKimmey
JAMES MCKIMMEY was born in Holdrege, Nebraska, in 1923. He grew up in Red Cloud and Omaha. After graduation from Omaha Central High School, he started the study of architecture at the University of Nebraska. World War II interrupted that effort. Following 37 months in the U.S. Army, including 18 month’s European overseas duty with the 102nd Infantry Division, he exchanged architecture for writing, married Marty from Indiana, and graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BS in English. It was at USF where he sold his first short story to a “little magazine” called the American Pen. Holding a variety of jobs, he sold stories to magazines ranging from the pulps to the slicks, started to write full time in 1955 and eventually wrote 17 books. He moved to Lake Tahoe in 1961, became a widower in 1994 and married Starr E. McKimmey, also a writer, which happily transformed him into an instant father and grandfather to Starr’s family.

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