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FAST LANE by Dave Zeltserman


hardcover $29.95 ISBN 1-930997-62-0
trade paperback $15.95 ISBN 1-93099-763-9

When a young woman approaches Denver private eye Johnny Lane to find her birth parents, the last thing he expects is the path the case leads him down. FAST LANE is a harrowing novel where as the chasm between words and reality grow wider, past and present deeds unravel with deadly force.

KEN BRUEN “For those of us who believed Jim Thompson would never be equaled, great tidings, he’s back in the form of Dave Zeltserman. Hilarious in the darkest fashion, violent, bitter, psychotic and unputdownable… FAST LANE left me bruised, battered and exhilarated.”

JEFF GELB “FAST LANE is a wild ride on the darkest noir side of the street. Zeltserman has updated Jim Thompson themes of character and situation to forge a private eye novel where everything that can go wrong, does…with highly entertaining, if very grim results.”

SEYMOUR SHUBIN “FAST LANE has everything I relish in a noir novel–an ingenious, twisting plot, characters I took to heart though I wouldn’t want to take some of them home, and a pace that kept me riveted to a book I couldn’t tear away from in one long, deep-into-the night reading. Dave Zeltserman, you’re a treasure!”

CHARLIE STELLA “Dave Zeltserman pulls you into the dark smoothly and succinctly, and when all hell breaks loose, you’re eager to see where Johnny Lane’s hell will lead you. I couldn’t wait to get there … and then I wanted more.”

PATRICK MILLIKIN, Poisoned Pen “In the last few years there have been a number of writers, such as Ken Bruen and Victor Gischler, who’ve taken the classic PI novel and tweaked the hell out of it, creating something fresh and unique. Add Dave Zeltserman to the list. Several pages into his debut, I knew that I was reading something special.”

CRAIG McDONALD, ThisWeek Newspapers “Boston native Zeltserman takes the classic, first-person narrated private eye novel and steers it off in dark new directions in Fast Lane.”

“Johnny Lane—the protagonist from hell–to know him is not to love him. He’s that rare blend of greed, gluttony, lust, anger, and psychopathic rationalization that in real life would make you want to shoot first and never bother to ask questions. With tremendous skill, Zeltserman lures you to a wild ride on the shoulders of a grizzly. You can’t let go.”

“What begins as rather standard and Chandleresque masks a tale that spirals downward into a pit of noir, lies, betrayal, murder… and worse! Private eye Johnny Lane helps a woman find her birth parents but things soon get out of hand. A likeable PI with a hidden Jim Thompson darkside that gets out of control and seems to know no depths. It’s there!”

DAVE ZELTSERMAN lives in the Boston area with his wife Judy. His crime stories have been published in Hot Blood 12, New Mystery Magazine, Hardboiled Magazine, and many other venues. His story “More Than a Scam” received an honorable mention in the 2003 Best American Mystery Stories Anthology. Dave’s second novel, SMALL CRIMES, as well as PARIAH and KILLER will be published by Serpent’s Tail as part of a loosely “man out of prison”-themed noir trilogy. SMALL CRIMES has been translated to Italian and will be published there by Meridiano Zero.

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  1. Dave Zeltserman Says:

    JT, nice snazzy new look for the site!

    A couple of things–the blog address you have for me is wrong. I have up the address last year and someone else grabbed it.

    An update to my bio: Small Crimes, as well as Pariah and Killer will be published by Serpent’s Tail as part of a loosely-based “man out of prison” themed noir trilogy.