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DUST DEVILS by James Reasoner



Trade Paperback $16.95 ISBN: 978-0-8095-7245-8

Publishers Weekly [Starred Review]
“With a simple but effective plot and understated prose, this outstanding ‘redneck noir’ successfully gives the windswept Texas plains the feel of mean city streets. Young, callow Toby McCoy appears at an isolated farmhouse, apparently just seeking work. Soon he’s plowing the fields, feeding the hogs and making eyes at Grace Halligan, the lovely older woman who owns the place. Just as the two move beyond a professional relationship, strange gunmen appear at the farm, forcing the lovers to reveal the extent of their mutual deceptions as they hit the road—with two dogs in the back of their pickup truck—in search of a double-crossing bank robber and the money he owes Grace. In the spirit of the genre, Reasoner (Texas Wind) saves the final chilling revelations for the very end, captivating the reader with other twists and turns along the way. (Aug.)”

Bookgasm review:
“Many authors have tried to duplicate the feel of the old Gold Medal classics, but usually are slightly off the mark. Not James Reasoner; his new one from Point Blank Press – DUST DEVILS – hits the bull’s-eye from page one. What starts out innocently enough takes some jaw-dropping turns in a taut 150 pages . . . Reasoner has pretty much taken a strong-willed woman and cast her in the Parker model of the Richard Stark novels, with the Toby character being an eager beaver of a learner and not as innocent as he seems . . . Reasoner pulls no punches in this novel, chock full of some of the lowest type of criminals out there: men who probably would sell their own mothers to get their hands on any cash owed to them. DUST DEVILS flows so smoothly, with the pace never letting up.”



JAMES REASONER has been a professional writer for more than twenty-five years, authoring dozens of novels in a variety of genres and over a hundred short stories. He is best known for the mystery novel Texas Wind, which has achieved legendary status as a collectible paperback. For several years early in his career, he wrote the Mike Shayne novellas in MIKE SHAYNE MYSTERY MAGAZINE under the famous pseudonym Brett Halliday. Under his own name in recent years he has written a ten-book series of historical novels set during the Civil War and several historical novels about World War II. He lives in Texas with his wife, award-winning mystery novelist L.J. Washburn.

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