May 9, 2020: Found Footage!

Unearthed today in the attic while “Kondo”ing our home is this super hoot of a student film project I did when in my 20s. Amazingly enough, we still have a working VCR, so JT easily digitized it to DVD. The short piece was written and directed by Alfonso Moises who was, IIRC, an underclassman at Loyola Marymount in L.A. at the time.

In the spirit of the comic goof it is meant to be, I do hope my broad portrayal of the broad here billed as “The Actress” brings a brief smile to your face, dear reader. ☼:)

I am a KAMera

My parents met at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, two farm kids from tiny towns 50+ miles apart, and the first in both their families to earn college degrees.


Queen MAB [1921-2009] King Don [1920-2010] Mom & Her Marine
Queen MAB [1921-2009] King Don [1920-2010] Mom & Her Marine

Early Result
Baby KAM at about 3 months: Clearly healthy, happy and topknot-ch

Procreation by Intelligent Design

One of the more peculiar things spoken to JT and me by someone here in Knob Knee (and that’s a mighty long list of weirdness to sit atop) was said by an otherwise bright woman regarding her young son: “I’ve fulfilled my societal duty,” she said of him with perhaps a hint of resentment. Not religious duty, note, but a social duty. That was a new one on me, and the reasoning flummoxed us, especially as our planet is groaning under the weight of a human population that has grown exponentially in recent centuries. While it’s more important than ever for truly loving, nurturing people to bring precious babies into the world for all the right and responsible reasons, it’s also more important than ever for people to first examine and eliminate all irrational, ignorant or selfish motives that might be involved in the monumental decision to parent or to not.

Excluding unintentional procreation by accident or rape – huge problems that require unflagging, widespread education and rights for all women in order to greatly reduce if never eliminate – my list below details some of the worst yet all too common reasons people decide or agree to start a family. Perhaps something will ring true for you while reading down the list.

Peer pressure

“Friends and family all did / are doing it. I’m way more comfortable conforming to what’s expected of me, and I like the attention.”

Partner pressure

Correlative to the first, “I don’t really want to be a parent,” “the time isn’t right,” etc., “but my partner is pressuring for a family. I don’t want to disappoint or possibly lose him/her, so I’ll just go along to keep the peace.”


“The good book commands me to be fruitful and to multiply!” (notwithstanding the world pop. when this was expounded thousands of years ago!).


“I need helping hands for my domestic / farm / family business tasks. Much easier when I ready-make ‘em into forced labor.”


“I need children to take care of me in old age, and besides, do the math: We gotta grow new numbers to preserve my Social Security safety net.”


“I want to reproduce a ‘mini-me’ to mold in my image and to become an extension of my distorted self-importance.”


“I must pass on my superior DNA for all humankind’s sake. After all I’m sure it is my genius progeny who will fix Earth’s ills.”


“It’s Us vs. Them, so we must reproduce in greater numbers than they do. Our armies must have more young blood to fight Them and to die for Us!”


Trading one’s offspring for money, goods or some other material gain. [Too horrible to believe this is common, but it is happening.]

People who foster or adopt orphaned children are thankfully not adding to the planet’s overpopulation and may be doing such a world of good in this decision. However, some of the same terrible reasons above for choosing to procreate can be found in adoptive and foster families, too. Simply put, if prior to planning a family every one would honestly reflect on all the wrong reasons, including any I’ve neglected to list, and first eliminate them item by item as possible motivations deep within oneself, what a happier and saner society the planet would enjoy in just a couple of generations! Hey, a world citizen can always dream….

Updating My Original Bon Mot

Beware of geeks bearing .GIFs (especially if they call them “jifs”)!

More to the point: If the originator of the first self-contained underwater breathing apparatus preferred to pronounce the resulting acronym, SCUBA, as “scyuba” rather than “scooba,” do you think that personal choice would have prevailed with the public in the end?  Of course not.

It’s very simple: the “G” in .GIF stands for a word that is pronounced with a hard G—period—so pronunciation rules dictate that the acronym also be pronounced with a hard G. Now that’s a reasoned “end to the discussion” as opposed to bowing to the dictates of a single individual’s “personal preference,” originator or not. Sometime in the future, sooner or later, we will only hear the term as .GIF and not .JIF, I jarantee it.  ♥

Owed to APOD

The below lyrics were inspired by the October 1, 2010, Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) found at this link: The news of an Earth-like planet in our galaxy coming one week after my “Getting Real” scold brought me both hope for humankind’s survival and concern we’d someday send our seed off to destroy another beautiful paradise. Surely we would have evolved and learned from our mistakes not to repeat them when technology allows for interstellar travel? We may be glad to have discovered Gliese 581g, but perhaps she is sad we did….

(?) Gliese (581g) [written to the melody of Cat Stevens’ “Sad Lisa” from “Tea for the Tillerman”]She orbits Gliese five eighty-one, a red dwarf sun
getting cooler, and Zarmina’s her new ruler.
Floating in Libra in the night sky,
g, please don’t be shy.
You’re a plus lass Milky Waying triple our Terra’s mass.
Gliese Gliese, g, Gliese Gliese.Although she’s dense, her gravity’s right. We think she might
(in fact, oughta) hold a load of liquid water.
A wormhole to g, string theory or beam –
we only can dream
now. This new plan, it can mean a future for all of man.
Gliese Gliese, g, Gliese Gliese.

She’s twenty light years far away, but still one day
we may live there, praying this time we will give care.
g-whiz, you’re a gem formed from the big bang
(and our doppelganger).
Please take us, when our Earth must finally forsake us.
Gliese Gliese, g, Gliese Gliese. © Kathleen A. Martin
New Albany, Indiana
October 10, 2010

Getting Real

Getting Real

This “prose poem” below was written in a rush of despair the morning of the autumnal equinox upon hearing a radio report the temperature could reach 100-degrees in the Louisville, KY, metro area that day. Various titles I’ve considered for it include “If the Shoe Fits…” and “Which Shoe Fits You?” and “Get Your Gloat On” – whatever it’s called, it’s long past high time to start calling some of us so-called ‘70s “pessimists” by our true identities: REALISTS.

Okay, all right. Gotta admit, you got us good. I’m talking to YOU, the
loud, materialistic majority who smirk at us bent on our bicycles or
cramped in our compact cars as you cruise around in your roomy,
gas-guzzling SUVs and minivans. Who scoff at all the extra time and
effort we take to recycle and compost over the decades while you fill
the ground with your mounds of trash. Who luxuriate in your long hot
baths and chuckle at us shivering in our stream-off-when-soaping
showers. Who fill up your swimming pools and hot tubs with utility rate
breaks while we use collected rainwater on our locavore gardens. Who
sneer at the “eyesore” of clothes hanging to dry on lines while you run
your w/d’s for that one pair of jeans you just gotta wear tonight. I
could continue ad nauseum with this laundry list of compare and
contrast, but you get my drift.

So now when it’s 100 degrees on the first day of autumn and natural
disaster after natural disaster follow upon the heels of man-made
disaster after man-made disaster, you get to gloat about us all winding
up together in the same oil-filled boat after all. You can smile smugly
to yourselves and think, “Tree-hugging suckers! At least WE really lived
it up and enjoyed the spoils of the planet before we spoiled it for
everyone!  Ha-ha! You took all that extra effort and sacrificed creature
comforts for decades, yet in the end you won’t suffer any less from our
selfishness just because of your responsible behavior. You just bought
us all a little more time to party on. And besides, we’ll just crank up the
A/C even higher and go take a dip!”

But here’s a truly sobering thought for consumerists who have done
little-to-nothing as stewards of this great Earth: If not your children,
then your children’s children, and whatever generations may survive
beyond that, all still alive will curse you and your lethal legacy left to
them with every labored breath they try to take.  And the band plays on
with Nero on first violin….

Kathleen Martin
New Albany, IN
September 23, 2010

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