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interzone vol 1 no 4 Volume 1, No. 4 Spring 1983
John Clute, Alan Dorey, Malcolm Edwards, Colin Greenland, Roz Kavaney, Simon Ounsley and David Pringle, editors
Cover art by Ian Miller
Calling all Gumdrops John Sladek
The Caulder Requiem Alex Stewart
On the Deck of the Flying bomb David Redd
After-Images Malcolm Edwards
The Quiet King of the Green South- West Andy Soutter
The Ur-Plant Barrington Bayley
"..the entire vegetable kingdom has devolved from a single fabulous primordial plant, the urpflanze, or ur-plant, a plant containing the characteristics of every possible future plant.."

The first Interzone story is a philosophical inquiry and expansion to Goethe's "Metamorphosis of Plants". It is set in an alternate reality, sometime in the future when Messiers Borges, Galtieri and Mengele are making strange botanic and metaphysic experiments. Written at the time of the Falkland War and the brief dictatorship of Leopoldo Galtieri. Classic Bayley.

"Bayley's story stands out in this somewhat precious magazine like a cactus among balloons." - Bruce Sterling


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