Volume 5; No. 27  
John Carnell, editor  
Cover art, Brian Lewis  
The Fullness of Time John Brunner
Takeover Bid Steve Hall
War with the Robots Harry Harrison
The Radius Riders P. F. Woods
Confidence Trick David Rome
"It was a new type of submarine -- a sub-terrene ship, in fact -- and it went into the earth instead of the sea."

"The Radius Riders", like "The Ship that Sailed the Ocean of Space," which appeared in the
previous issue of the magazine, is a delightful early story, plunging into the mystery of space as matter. The prototype sub-terrene ship Interstice sets to test its capabilities, and dives underground. It doesn't take long for the crew to find out that they cannot ascend back to the surface, so the only choise left is to try and dive deeper. Collected in THE SEED OF EVIL, and one of the best loved stories BJB has written.

"Already we are close to the level where Earth's crust gives way to the hotter mantle. Beyond that, the liquid core is even hotter. Can we stand up to these conditions?"

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