Volume 5; No. 26  
John Carnell, editor  
Cover art, Brian Lewis  
Scarlet Denial Nelson Sherwood
The Word Not Written John Brunner
Fishing Trip P. F. Woods
"Doubtless the ocean of space will have as many strange inhabitants as the seas of Earth. The problem will be recognising them."

"Fishing Trip", as it was originally called, has become much better known in its later incarnations as "The Ship that Sailed the Ocean of Space." One of the key early stories, this one tells of two hapless beer-guzzling spacemen, stationed somewhere beyond Neptune. It's utterly delightful and though not as polished as the stories which would be collected in KNIGHTS OF THE LIMITS, it charms with its quirky ideas, space anomalies and characters who could have been along the ride in John Carpenter's DARK STAR. Collected in THE SEED OF EVIL.

"Rim is the kind of man who would poke his head into Hell just to see how hot it is there..."

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