Volume 5; No. 25
John Carnell, editor
Cover art by Lewis
Spoil of Yesterday John Brunner
Blind as a Bat Philip E. High
Going Home Michael Moorcock
Deviant Alan Burns
Einstein's Universe Steve Hall
"An overwhelming desire possessed the colonists' descendants to return Home to Earth."

"Going Home", though credited to Moorcock, was in fact written as a collaboration. The story tells of a colony ship returning to Earth which their forefathers had left in unknown circumstances. It is a very slight story, sketchily written, but which does include some memorable ideas and passages which preclude some later preoccupations of both Moorcock and Bayley.

MM has later revised it, and it has been published thus in various collections.

"I think GOING HOME was 'too short' for Ted Carnell, so Barry expanded it. " - Mike Moorcock

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