Allison & Busby, 1979, 175pp., cover art by John Harris

After THE KNIGHTS OF THE LIMITS, here is a second collection of endlessly inventive stories by Barrington J. Bayley, thirteen tales among which are five never before published: dark fables resounding with sombre undertones - love used as a weapon, God assassinated by the ingenuity of man, the secret of death revealed, the inexplicable explained! Tales which will be pondered on, and remembered.

includes: "Sporting with the Chid"
"The God Gun"
"The Ship That Sailed the Ocean of Space"
"The Radius Riders"
"Man in Transit"
"Wizard Wazo's Revenge"
"The Infinite Searchlight"
"Perfect Love"
"The Countenance"
"Life Trap"
"Farewell, Dear Brother"
"The Seed of Evil"

"[BJB] is a man of ideas. His inventiveness is perhaps unparalleled in contemporary SF.." - Brian Stableford in Vector

"Barrington Bayley is one of the most inventive and idiosyncratic writers in the genre; his short stories, especially, read like no one else's. He has been writing SF for two decades, yet it is only comparatively recently that he has found a regular market for his novels. I suspect that the major reason for this is that publishers were afraid to risk their necks with such obviously original work....His plots are fast-paced and action-packed, with the fate of the world or a solar system in the balance - but his subject matter extends far beyond the limited horizons of the pulp format." - Chris Evans in Vector

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Barrington Bayley: "SF is infused with a touch of reality. It's the everyday world - the soap opera in which we are all trapped - that is delusory."