astounding worlds of barrington bayley

Annihilation Factor
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The Knights of the Limits
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Vector, Jul 1978 by Brian Stableford
Collision with Chronos
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The Pillars of Eternity
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Empire of Two Worlds
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The Seed of Evil
Vector #97, Apr 1980 by Alan Dorey
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Eye of Terror
no known reviews
Soul of the Robot
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The Fall of Chronopolis
Vector #89, Sep 1978 by Chris Evans
Paperback Inferno #19, Apr 1980 by Joseph Nicholas
The Star Virus
no known reviews
The Forest of Peldain
Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, March 1986 by Baird Searles
local review, 1998 by Marc-André Brie
Star Winds
Title to be Announced #44, 1981 by Jonathan Coxhead
The Garments of Caean
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Unpublished review by Brian Stableford
The Rod of Light
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The Grand Wheel
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The Zen Gun
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