DAW, 1982, cover art by Wayne D. Barlowe
Pan, 1989, omnibus edition with GARMENTS OF CAEAN, cover art by Chris Moore

A novel about:

How clones made murder a new sexual experience...
How rebuilding one man's skeleton made him the most sensitive and powerful man in the galaxy...
How a deck of cards was devised that was really programmed to reveal the future...
How a lost planet became the mecca of every treasure-hunter in space...
How Joachim Boaz plotted to derail the entire universe!

It's exciting 'nova' science fiction, by the author Michael Moorcock calls:
"The most original writer of his generation... There is no one else to match him."

"Bayley is a much under-appreciated writer - one of the quiet masters of science fiction." - Interzone

"Because he has no need to change, Bayley never seems to change; he is sui generis, deeply himself, irreplaceable." - John Clute

"Increasingly offbeat" - Rhys Hughes

Barrington Bayley: "..a lot of science fiction contains invented or hokum science (van Vogt is full of it). I believe 'rubber science' is a term that has been used to describe it, a tag that has also been applied to me. [...] The Cabbala, for instance, draws upon Greek philosophy and particularly upon the Pythagorean attempt to find the underlying structure of the world by means of arithmetic and geometry. That became the framework for some pretty creative imagination."