This mailing list is for discussion about the works of Barrington Bayley, and any related subjects. Possible topics for discussion include:
- Who is Barrington Bayley and why should I read his stuff?
- I like Bayley's stuff; who else should I try reading?
- Where can I find the 1954 issue 4 of Vargo Statten Magazine?
- What do you mean James Cagney was an inspiration for "Empire of Two Worlds"?
- What's Mike Moorcock got to do with this?
- Let me tell you about this great story I just read!
- etc., etc.

Everybody is welcome to join no matter what their specific interest in the topic: fans, academics, collectors and people searching for the Philosopher's stone. Everybody. It would be nice if you sent out a brief message introducing yourself and perhaps saying a few words about why you like his stuff.

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