[eye of terror]

Black Library 1999, 287 pages.

In the dark and gothic future of Warhammer 40,000, mankind teeters on the very brink of extermination by the Ruinous Powers of Chaos. As the warfleets of the Imperium prepare to launch a crusade into the very heart of Chaos, Rogue Trader Maynard Rugolo seeks riches and power on the fringes of this terrifying and insane realm!

In the Segmentum Obscurus lies one of the most horrific places in the galaxy, a gigantic rift where the warp leaks through into the universe, bringing forth daemons and other untold horrors. Eye of Terror, the new novel by cult Sci-Fi author Barrington J. Bayley, tells the story of a Rogue Trader, down on his luck and risking all by plying his trade in this deadly area of the Imperium.

The original title by the author was TRADERS IN CHAOS.