Risto Isomäki Science Fiction Covers

In the last year I’ve had the great opportunity of creating a set of science fiction paperback covers. Moreover, this was for the internationally acclaimed novelist Risto Isomäki and his Finnish publisher Into Kustannus.

I grew up reading science fiction, but veered into mysteries and crime fiction somewhere along the line. But — as it often happens as you grow older — the past sometimes pulls you back.

Into Science Fiction paperbacks

Facing the new challenge, I felt both excited and a tad trepidatious. I had not done any (certainly not many) proper science fiction covers in years, and I wasn’t sure my skills were still suited for it. You usually need to create an imaginary scene set in the future, and create it out of your own imagination or, well, thin air.

What’s the worst that could happen? You fail and your cover doesn’t get picked? Been there, done that. Then you just go and conquer your next challenge.

So my recommendation for myself was to become that mountain climber, check out the glorious vistas that thin air and imagination can weave in your mind’s eye when you are conquering that mountaintop!

Consequently, I was delighted with the results, and moreover, so were the author and the publisher. The books are out and available now, so go pick up your own copy. And then, if necessary, learn Finnish. It’s worth the effort!

Let me know if you’d like me to create YOUR next science fiction cover.

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