Should you share your political views when looking for a job?

Looking for a job

Should you share your political views when looking for a job?  The conventional answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. And if you’re in a desperate need for a job, it may well be the sensible answer.

Personally I would much rather work with people who are open to being open, on any subject. I like transparency and I don’t want to hide my opinions or interests.

I believe there are a lot of employers who want to know their employees. I certainly want to know my employers. Which is why when I submit a query about a prospective job — not for freelance gigs, but for a permanent position — I always make sure I present myself as a progressive person. That doesn’t mean I slam Trump or bitch about the GOP (I think Republicans are about 85% crooked and 10% clueless, and Democrats are about 70% crooked and 10% clueless), but stating that I’m interested in a company that shares some of my core values of positive, humane, equal business and personal practices.

I make my query letters personal, fun, and engaging, stating exactly what I’m looking for, and who I am. I don’t do this only to ‘screen’ the companies, but I also think you can make a stronger first impression on those individuals who read your letter. This is of course less likely to work when dealing with giant conglomerates as opposed to smaller businesses. But I’d rather be an individual than a cog.

And what about religious views when looking for a job? I’m agnostic on those.

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